When Pokémon Go launched, it quickly became the most popular mobile game in US history.

Everyone downloaded it. Made Man’s very own Josh Fruhlinger walked into the office raving about it. He even so generously shared some of his own manly excuses to use when you’re caught playing. Among them is that it’s a great way to meet women—even more popular than Tinder.

That said, it only makes sense that someone would capitalize on this idea (which they very obviously only thought up after reading Made Man). New dating service PokéDates, an offshoot of existing dating service Project Mixup, actually facilitates the process of meeting women by setting people up on Pokémon hunting dates.

While, according to Josh, the Pokémon Go in-app purchases aren’t necessary—and they don’t push you to pay—PokéDates might cost you. The first date is free but, after that, you have to refer friends or shell out $20 for each additional date.

So we hope you find the Jigglypuff to your Pikachu the first time around… And we hope you catch them, too.