The gag gift has been around since people have been giving gifts. The problem with gag gifts today is that everyone‘s been in Spencer‘s Gifts enough to spot one a mile away. The people behind the Prank Packs have remedied that.

Their website,, proudly proclaims “Yes, we really are selling empty boxes. And yes, we know we’re in a recession.” But the empty box is not the prank. It’s what’s on the outside. Prank Packs have come up with the most awkward, terrible gifts from made-up terrible companies, and designed fake boxes for them. Products like the “Noggin’ Net” which is a hat that can also catch fish. Or, a self-propelled rolling pin. Or, the “Coffee Talkies”, the original coffee mug and two way radio in one! Nobody would ever want these gifts. But they will act like they love it when they open it, because it’s a gift, and that’s what you have to do. Hilarity ensues. Meanwhile, you know that the real gift is waiting inside. And hopefully they’ll like that one better. Each box is $8.00 and is large enough to hold almost any real gift. You can find them here.