Have you ever been grilling on a summer day, gazed down upon your meat, and had no choice but to remark to yourself, "Damn. This is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life?" If you haven’t, please go to your nearest Man Office and tell them you’re returning your Man Card as you received it under false pretense.

As a guy, looking upon the perfectly grilled meal you’ve created (and, more so, devouring it) makes your heart beat fiercely and proudly. Grilling is no less of an art form than painting a beautiful landscape, molding a grand statue, or arranging a lovely mix-tape, why should you not be able to proudly leave your signature on it as other artists do their own work? 

Now, with grillingaccessories.com’s customized Branding Irons, you are the Da Vinci of seared beef. Make sure everyone knows exactly who seared that delicious steak to perfection by leaving your big-ass initial right smack in the center. Be the talk of the tailgate by branding your team’s name into your burgers. Or take a step closer to hooliganism, and brand your team’s name into the opposing team’s burgers. These babies range from around $12 to $36, but for a summer’s-worth of marking your meat, isn’t that a small price to pay?