No, this isn’t a bed specifically designed for you to eat chili in, though that’d interesting as well. The ChiliBed is for anyone who’s felt that the other side of the pillow was either too cool or not cool enough.

For those that have spent a night trying to fall asleep on what feels like a hot skillet, or tossing and turning like you’re on a Cold Stone tablet. It’s hard to fall asleep when you’re either too hot or too cold. The inventor behind the ChiliBed, Todd Youngblood, realized this, and luckily came from a long line of bed innovators. His answer was a mattress that heats and cools its coils with water and keeps you sleeping in the temperature just right for you. And if you have a partner shacking up next to you and you differ largely on what temperature sleep-time should be, as men and women so often do, the dual ChiliPad allows you to customize either side of the mattress to each bed partner’s liking. So that saves you an argument right there.  The makers of the ChiliBed also point out that using their product will help you cut down air conditioning costs quite a bit. And to top it all, the ChiliBed is environmentally friendly, made of 100% soy (which we were not aware was remotely possible either). Get yours here.