The title "laptop" was originally taken a lot more literally. The novelty of not having to be at a desk to work on a computer was at one time very liberating, until men discovered that there was something irksome about these machines.

Specifically, that laptops seem to reach almost scalding temperatures at times while resting over our private areas. So, we went back to our desks hunched over in our never quite comfortable enough chairs, our wrists now sweating in place of our loins. 

For just thirty bucks (some portable laptop desks can reach over $200), you can kick your legs up in your favorite chair, prop your back with some of those magically comfortable pillows that only women are allowed to know the origin of, and start surfing the web without the urge to keep the fire extinguisher near. The Futura Laptop Desk cools your computer and protects your lap from Hot Lap. It even fits easily into backpacks and computer bags.