How in the world does a sex tape teach me to be a better businessman you might ask? You may not have heard, but a sex tape with Gene Simmons has recently been offered for sale at an Internet site. For a mere $9.95 you can watch the long tongued Kiss member put his other member into a nice young blond haired model. I learned a few lessons/positions from the tape but I also learned a few lessons on protecting your assets as well.

Simmons lawyer recently sued the website promoting the tape for copyright infringement. The site used Kiss like face paint which evidently they have a copyright on. Also Mr. Simmons is known for deflowering thousands of women so he is no stranger to sex tapes. When the tape slipped out of his hands a few years ago, he tracked it down and bought it back. He then did the brilliant move of copyrighting the tape in case someone had made a copy. Low and behold, here comes the tape and now it will be a open and shut case.

Long story short. If you have something you want protected, good or bad, you better copyright it. I also have a new angle for all the celeb sites out there. Start going through copyrights using the stars as keywords and see all the crazy stuff they’re copy writing. I feel a new story coming on.