Sony is officially coming out with its own motion controller that is much like the Wii’s standard controller. It’ll be called (after much debate) the Sony Move, and will feature, initially, titles with about as much creative juice behind them. 

To be honest, this seems like a ploy from Sony not to innovate, but to keep PS3 owners from buying Wii’s for from buying more Wii games. To paraphrase “Annie Get Your Gun,” anything [Move] can do [Wii Motion Plus] can do better. 

Continuing on the western theme, one of the typical titles coming out in the first year (there will be 20 total) is a western, arcade, light-gun-simulating shooter called “The Shoot.” Joystiq reviewed it as overly simplistic and gimmicky in the way that “early days Wii” was requiring users to do overly-complicated gestures just because, hey, we’ve got motion tracking ability now. 

It may get better, and Sony has cleverly retro-fitted some of their games to the Motion controller. Most notably "Little Big Planet" now supports Move technology allowing for two players to play at once – one controlling the sack person and the other manipulating on-screen objects with the wand. That’s sort of a cheap add-on, but it works in "Mario Galaxy." Oops, looks like Nintendo beat them to the punch on that one, too. 

The bottom line is, if you’re into PS3, and wouldn’t mind the novelty of motion controlled simple games like bowling, shooters, and other obvious choices, the Move is a pretty good bargain. If you’ve already got a Playstation Eye, you’ll be able to get the controller on the cheap. If you don’t, you’ll be able to get both for less than $100 when it hits the shelves, and it probably won’t be long before Costco has a package with a few games included for around that price. If you’re into the Wii at all, though, this is an easily ignorable advancement.