Luther returned home to the farm on a one week furlough from the Marine’s Parachute Jump School….with six months under his belt and only two more to go, his Daddy was mighty proud and wantin’ to hear all about it.

Over breakfast with Mama listenin’ from the stove, Paw said, “Luther, let’s hear about what has gone on at Jump School”….”have you jumped?”

Looking down at his plate immediately, Luther says, “Well, Daddy, last week we went up for the first real parachute jump”….”at 10,000 foot in the air, the Drill Sergeant hollered for us to stand up and attach our parachute pull-lines”….”I was halfway in the line and Sarge yelled for us to start moving toward the open door and jump”….”when I got to the door, I froze and couldn’t let go of the sides of the door”….”Sarge yelled at me to un-attach my pull-line and sit down”….”the rest of the guys jumped and it was just me and Sarge in the cargo-hold”….”Sarge smiled, looked at me, grabbed the front of his pants, and said, “Son, listen up, if you don’t re-attach and jump, I’m gonna’ break you over like a double-barreled shotgun, and put this where your sun don’t shine.”

Paw exhaled and straightened up in his chair, Mama turned around from the stove with her hand over her mouth, and Paw said, “Well, Son, did you jump?”

Luther thought for a second and said, “Daddy, I ain’t gonna’ lie”….”I did a little at first.”