Reebok Pumps may no longer be en vogue, but if the tech being rolled out by NuDown is any indication, they were onto something. Rather than inflating shoes for fit, however, the emerging brand is inflating jackets for warmth.

No, really. The dry-air pump and welded-chamber construction in jackets like the Squaw Peak ($650) allow you to pump your way to your ideal temperature, regardless of outside conditions. Just 20 pumps will get you insulated on chilly days. For colder situations 30 pumps will do, and 40 pumps will get you through the most frigid ordeals.

The real magic—in addition to on-the-fly climate control—is that these jackets pack and carry much lighter than other options offering similar insulation. The Squaw Peak also incorporates Polartec Power Shield fabrics and a 4-way stretch polyester shell with a bamboo charcoal wicking liner.

Sound crazy? We got a chance to try the tech out earlier this year and it really works! Now only time will tell whether Dominique Wilkins signs on to endorse.