Hip Hop lovers: bring the jams to any party you go to (or any place that you go) with this new, cheap iPhone app that gives you the beat-spitting skills of a Grand Master MC that’s been onstage for years.

If you own an iPhone and have 99 cents lying around, then you will never have that problem again. Thanks to Monodomo, a Dutch start-up company, you can now download the "bChamp" app. 

"bChamp" is a voice controlled drum kit that translates the sounds coming from your mouth into drum sounds that then play through the phone’s speakers. Now any mortal man can don a beat-box blackbelt as his voice is mechanically translated into real-sounding drum samples. Rahzel-who? So start your new career or at least save your boring party by visiting the App store on your iPhone, or checking out Monodomo’s site at monodomo.com