Little did you know that ebay is your source for the world’s greatest hidden investments.  Lurking among the imaginary laptops and stolen iPhones are some great products you can buy cheap and sell for millions later.  Here are a few that I’ve found and will not buy them for 24 hours to allow you get these and make your own fortune.  After 24 hours they’re mine

The Divide a Bed: Truck Bed Patent:

Ever wish your truck bed was two beds?  Well, this simple patented device will do exactly that.  Why don’t you just use a piece of plywood you ask? That’s a stupid question and I’m not going to even answer it.  For the low cost of $350,000 you can buy this great patent and make millions.  An incredible idea with an incredible future. Take a look

The Flying Car Prototype:

I almost showed you this gem too late.  For a mere $3 million you can invest in this flying car test engine/prototype.  There is not very much description but I think the cool photo is all I need to see.  I know this is the missing link to the flying car problems I’ve been having. It already has a bid so don’t delay. Take a look

A Great Movie Idea:

Good movie scripts/ideas sell for millions and this person has one for half that cost.  They sound completely sincere in this description below and I for one, like to invest in sincerity. I thought 500K seemed a bit steep sight unseen but the prose below put my mind at ease.

I am looking for someone who can introduce me to a prominent and legitimate person in the movie/plays/acting business. I have an excellent idea for a comedy movie.(( No, this is not a joke )). I am not a screenplay writer nor do I play one in real life.I play a caregiver to the elderly.. I did go get the book Screenplay writing for dummies. “Guess what” I ended up here here… Whomever can help me to at least get an interview, and let’s say they love my idea and we can make a go of it, that person will also be a part of it. Now everything will be done legally and professionally. I am a working class gal with many ideas, it just isn’t an easy task to follow through. What’s that saying,   Oh yes, It’s not What you know but Who you know. Apparently I know a lot…Need I say more. Now, if I am introduced to a prominent person in the field of plays/movies/acting. And they do not like my idea then I shall buy you dinner… I know Mc Donalds is having specials all the time…The way I see it (as I always do ) The worst that can happen is I get laughed at (my point entirely) AND the best that can happen is I get laughed at while the guards are walking me into the bank. My Moto, reach for the Stars, You Will get the moon…I would like to see peoples faces feel good….This movie Idea is inspiring, funny, real to life form, not a love story, and moving…..….

If you would like to invest here is the actual auction

The Great Two Faced Raisin:

This great collectible was one bite or a hot day away from being lost forever.  This chocolate covered raisin has one of a kind features.  It actually had two different faces.  One smiling and one frowning.  Purchased in bulk from an Amish store this little guy (about the size of a penny) stood out from the crowd and could possibly be a great investment.  At only a $70,000 starting bid you could resell this quickly to the likes of Golden Palace.  Take a look

It’s these little gems that have made the team here at WSF wealthy beyond all our dreams and felt it was time to give back.  If you really feel you need to tip us for the leads we can send you our paypal address.