Jack in the box is content. Content to maintain who they are and to only expand through their recent expansion of Qdoba. They maintain 2000 Jacks out west and have no plans to add more in any other part of the country. They have 400 Qdoba in 40 states and have been rolling these out slowly. What if this company actually got agressive. Jack has good food, well as good as greasy fast food can get. Qdoba is an exact copy of Chipotle but the management is not quite as strong. At a P/E of 20 they are properly valued but what if they decided to go after Chipotle? Chipotle has a P/E of 53 and gets this because it constantly talks about all the new stores it opens. One of the first thing that strikes me is the amount of full time help. Jacks and Qdoba have 1900 full time employees and Chipotle 13,0000. It tells me that one runs with part time and the other with dedicated full time employees. So if the following happen we could have a stock that could double or triple quickly. 1. Jack says they are going to expand their reach out east. 2. They announce they are going to go after Chipotle and expand Qdoba more rapidly. 3. Move to more full time employees and run this not like a fast food business, but a restaurant business, much like Chipotle. 4. Keep pushing the Qdoba breakfast. The breakfast burrito is a hell of a good breakfast sandwich that I think could catch on. If any of the first 3 happen this stock will really jump. It’s already moved hard starting in August and could be a bargain.