It’s easy to lose track of time as we transition into spring. The sun starts shining a lot brighter and a little longer.

That’s why the Q&Q SmileSolar watch, which is made from recycled materials and retails for under $50, is a quintessential, light-weight and sportive timepiece for the season. Simple in design, it’s powered by advanced solar technology, so one charge under the spring sun’s energy will keep it running for up to three months. It’s also water-resistant, so it’ll survive the inexorable spring showers. Change up the straps with 15 different style options to make it your own. And, for every purchase of one of these watches, Q&Q SmileSolar donates a portion of proceeds to TABLE FOR TWO, which delivers school meals to children in Africa and Asia.

So maybe it’s not the sleek watch you’ll wear on a date, but it is the watch you’ll wish you had when you’re hiking or cycling. Unless, of course, you want to brag about your contributions to saving the planet and malnutrition. Then wear it on that date.