Need a little motivation to work some magic in the kitchen? As far as we’re concerned, nothing stokes one’s culinary fire quite like top-notch gear. Enter the Swiss Diamond XD Nonstick Stock Pot ($230), which, as the headline suggests, is damn close to perfection. Three key factors earn it this distinction.

1. Ideal size: This pot is a generous 10 inches deep, providing an impressive 8.5-quart capacity, yet at 11 inches wide, it still seamlessly accommodates just about any stovetop burner. Together with the heat-tempered glass lid, featuring an adjustable steam vent, it’s got the chops to handle everything from the gradual simmering needed for chili or stew as well as, say, a killer split-pea soup with a fine dice of ham.

2. Next-level nonstick-ery: The XD line’s coating boasts 20 percent more diamonds than before plus an improved seal between the cooking surface and the aluminum base, making for an even more corrosive-resistant layer. The result is super-durable cookware with 40 percent better food release. That means far less waste, more delicious food and the end of soaking pots for hours to get the gunk out of the bottom, a headache no one needs.

3. Quality you can trust: Swiss Diamond can trace its roots to more than 40 years ago, and its experience with revolutionary nonstick coatings dates back nearly 20. In other words, this company has been developing and improving kickass cooking products for decades. The XD Nonstick Stock Pot is the beneficiary of their latest and greatest processes (see video below), so don’t be surprised if you find yourself crushing it in the kitchen with this cookware. Just make sure to invite us over once you’ve mastered that five-alarm chili, OK?