So you know how in most states it’s against the law to be using your phone while driving? This is one big “F you” to all those states. Now using the iPhone Racing wheel, you’re using your phone in order to drive.

Brought to you by CTA digital, this wheel brings those racing games to a whole new level of reality on your iPhone or iPod touch. Let the people around you know you’re not just passing time before your next meeting; this is a passion of yours and is to be taken seriously… At least until your roommate potentially ruins your high score by texting you that you’re out of toilet paper.

The steering wheel comes with a suction cup to stick on a table, desk, or chair in front of you (or maybe make it ultra-realistic and stick it to the dashboard of your car; just make sure you’re in your driveway not in the carpool lane when you do so). It comes equipped with a bunch of adapters to fit the iPhone 2G, 3G, and 3GS, as well as the iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2G, so basically the only thing this doesn’t work on is your grandmother’s rotary phone… but we hear they’re working on that model.