race-chairs-Ferrari 16M-F430

Do you crave the vicarious thrill of a scary fast automobile even when you’re parked behind your desk? Then it’s time to kiss your traditional office chair goodbye. Instead, stay close to the racetrack in spirit with RaceChairs ($7,000-$25,000), a collection of sports car seats minus the sports cars for everyday sitting.

With chairs available from Porsche, Lamborghini, Bentley, Maserati and Ferrari, the seat styles cover all the bases as far as high-end automobiles go. What’s more, most of the chairs are bucket seats—designed to hold the driver in place when speeding through tight turns—so you can spin around in one as fast as you want and probably never fall out. And who knows, a lovely lady may even ask to ride, um, shotgun…

These guys know how to market, that’s for sure. Ready to hit the track—or at least have an unforgettable swivel chair race? Check out the full collection at RaceChairs.