Designer bydiddy says he doesn’t want "to challenge Mother Nature’s art direction but it’s high time for a change. “ The designer set out to take wet suits from strictly functional to not only stylish, but outspoken and highly symbolic. 

He used a unique printing technique to create one suit alluding the rusted atmospheric dive suit that a Vernian explorer might don for treading in the murky depths.  A second is patterned after the hide of the terrifyingly-large-but-docile whale shark.  Then there are two more that expose varying degrees of the average human musculature. 

Generally we scoff at the cerebral attempts by designers to reimagine an entire type of clothing, but to be honest, this guy has got a point.  The staggeringly boring majority of wet suits are black on black on black.  While formal and slimming, it’s extremely boring.  Hopefully one of the big boys (Rip Curl?) will pick this dude up and get production running on these things.

The designer says they’ll be available for purchase on a small scale soon, and to buy one, just go to his site and contact him personally.  [Buy it]