What’s up people, I can’t believe the season is finishing. Let’s do a wrap and look at what I see happening in New Orleans when the Ravens take on the 49ers. I wish I was playing but it’s just motivation to come back stronger next year.

The Read Option could be just a cycle, it’s tough to say. When you look at the traditional way teams have proceeded in the NFL, it hasn’t been with athletic quarterbacks who can throw…

First off, I’m back at UK in Lexington, taking class. It’s really weird, at 22 I feel like the old person coming back on campus, everything has changed. They’ve got new buildings, new dorms, a lot of changes since I left two years ago. I came out early as a junior and have returned to finish off my degree in Communications/Leadership Development. My classes aren’t on the main campus so I can slide around a little anonymously. After school, I’m going to a warm place in a few weeks, and I’m very excited about my own spring break.

People have complimented me for breaking Green Bay’s single-season all-purpose yardage record (2,342) and for leading the team in targets (104), receptions (80) and yards (954). Yes, my contributions helped the team to another division title, but I believe you can always do more. You have to have that mindset that even when it’s good, it can always be better. And in the big picture, we’re not playing in the Super Bowl like we planned on. I feel I could’ve done more to help get us to our goal.

As for our loss to San Francisco, you’ve got to tip your hat to them, they were the better team on that day. We didn’t play our best football, we didn’t play to the level you have to play to beat a team as good as they are, with the threats they have.

Our blogger likes San Francisco’s brash, tattooed Read-Optioning QB…

So what do you think about the Read Option? I played some Wildcat in college, and the Read Option—where the quarterback can hand the ball off, run with it or throw on a given play—is a little different but not much. It’s tough to play against, especially when you have an athletic quarterback like Colin Kaepernick, a great running game with Frank Gore and a game-changer like LaMichael James. You got to stick to your assignments on defense, and not just (try to) follow the ball.

It could be just a cycle, it’s tough to say. When you look at the traditional way teams have proceeded in the NFL, it hasn’t been with athletic quarterbacks who can throw. But you look at San Francisco with Kaepernick, and Seattle with Russell Wilson and Washington with RG3, their offenses are very difficult to stop. I don’t know if that will continue, but it’s having some success right now.

As for the Super Bowl, they say defense wins titles and it’s a big key. Those are two great defenses that create turnovers. I really don’t expect a high-scoring game. The Ravens’ Ray Lewis has been an inspiration to so many players, including me. The things he’s been able to accomplish as a player, and the passion he plays with, inspires a lot of us. He and the Ravens’ D make impact plays.

…but he also likes Baltimore’s brash, tattooed Bible-quoting LB. Tough call.

But so does the Niners’ defense. Some say the 49ers have the best front seven in football, which allows them to control the tempo. Their leader is linebacker Patrick Willis, a Tennessee boy like myself. He’s someone I look up to. I remember watching him play at Ole Miss. I’ve met with him a few times, a great guy.

Both Ds are able to create opportunities for their offenses and put them in good positions. But the quarterbacks will have a say. Joe Flacco’s played pretty well. I’ve got respect for him, winning on the road in tough situations, coming up with the plays at the end against Indy and then going up to New England and outplaying one of the best ever, Tom Brady. Kaepernick is hard to contain when he breaks the pocket and runs.

I have friends on both teams. I’m calling it a toss-up but I’m really looking forward to it.

To my fans and blog followers, I just really appreciate you keeping up with me during this season. I wish I was going to be playing in the Super Bowl, but it’s been a blast. I’m looking forward to a great off-season, working hard and coming into the 2013 season even better.

Enjoy the Super Bowl, and follow me on Twitter @rcobb18.

—As told to Ashley Jude Collie