Hey, what’s up people? Let’s chew on some football, then I’ll talk where to go for soul food in Tennessee and Green Bay.

We’ve lost three close games by a total of 13 points, but a loss is a loss in the end. This week we’re working on correcting mistakes and the basic fundamentals of blocking, tackling and catching the football to find that way to win. It’s going to be a tough atmosphere in Houston, especially with them starting 5-0, but we’re getting them off a short week. Our team spirit is good, it’s a long season. We know how good we are, and we got to get back to being that team.

So what is soul food? When a person puts their soul into making it, spreading their love to everybody who’ll partake. And it’s real good for your soul, maybe not so good for your health.

I don’t keep track of my stats, but you have to produce in this league. Aaron and I worked a lot on our chemistry this off-season, and now I’ve gotten to play a bit more on offense with Greg Jennings being out. I have to make the most of the opportunities I’m given!

Waiting on the sidelines, you definitely feel anxious, but it’s a good anxious. We’re all competitors, so you want to be out there on the field. You can’t really relax, you got to stay focused and be ready when your name is called. I’m constantly working on all phases of my game from kick returns to offense. I want to be the best I can for this team, helping any way I can.

*Editor’s note: If he won’t brag about his stats, we will. Through five games, Mr. Cobb has notched 719 total yards and two touchdowns through rushing, receiving and returning. Sounds like production to us!

With plays like this 31-yard slant, our blogger proves you can eat well and score NFL TDs!

As for my Kentucky Wildcats, it’s been tough this season but I feel we’re going to get things rolling with a win at Arkansas this week. Next up, Georgia. Now I hear my fellow Made Man Blogger and pal A.J. Green has been saying that match-up will “not even be close!” We’ll see about that! I predict my Wildcats will take care of business in an upset. You have to stay positive, you got to have faith in your team. And I’m going to have to text A.J. and tell him what I really think!

So what is soul food? When a person puts their soul into making it, spreading their love to everybody who’ll partake. And it’s real good for your soul, maybe not so good for your health. If you’re visiting my home state of Tennessee, don’t bring your healthy habits with you, because we eat good down there. My mom and Big Mama, my grandma, they make the best meals.

There’s going to be some fried food. We may grill out chicken and burgers. Maybe barbecue some pork tenderloin. We’re going to have sweet potato casserole, mac and cheese, lots of greens and beans, great dinner rolls, pound cakes, fried coconut pie, you got it all. You come visit, you’re going to eat good, and if you stick around, you’re going to gain about 5 to 10 pounds. Because all the food sticks to you!

When I’m home in Alcoa, we head to Big Mama’s house. She spoils me. I got to have cream corn, and she makes it special for me. She’ll cook some fried chicken or cubed steak with her special gravy and hot biscuits. Oh man, it’s making my mouth water now! She’ll whip up macaroni and cheese, put a lot of greens together. She’ll make my favorite pound cake and have sweet tea with it. Whatever I want, she’s willing to cook up with all her soul!

A Bread of Heaven soul food platter, descended from above to dwell amongst us.

If you’re in Alcoa, check out Bread of Heaven, a little soul food shop that’s like Big Mama’s cooking. They got the best buffet and best $10 meal you’ll ever get. Up in Green Bay, there’s not many southern food places but visit Art and Soul Café for a taste of southern cooking. I also recommend Plae Bistro, a neighborhood eatery close to my home, and Phin Sushi, a hot locally owned sushi place. If I’m out with the guys and we want a good steak, we check out Republic Chophouse downtown. Koko Sushi is another cool downtown sushi place.

My grandmother taught me how to cook a little bit. I try my best to eat healthy during the season, stay off the fried foods. I’ll bake my meat and sweet potato, some rice or macaroni and cheese. My fave beverage is Country Time Lemonade and my fave snack is Frooties Tootsie Rolls—I always have a bag on me.

I got to give a Happy Birthday shout-out to my lil’ sister Melysha who just turned 15, and also to Packer Nation. We’re 13-time champions because of you guys.

Check back next time and follow me on Twitter @rcobb18. And have a good one!

—As told to Ashley Jude Collie