How y’all doing, what’s up? Today I’m going to talk about my family and my favorite gadgets, but first, some football.

We got two big consecutive road wins and now head back to Lambeau, which is such a unique environment. We go into hostile places on the road but now with two home games, you know what your fans bring to the table and how enthusiastic and supportive they are. Just knowing they have our backs is amazing. A bunch of our fans had the stadium rocking in St. Louis. It’s unbelievable.

I’m very fortunate to have my family. And now I have a little bit of a platform back home to try and inspire all the kids that they too can do big things.

We’re starting to get into a rhythm, getting in sync with each other. We didn’t quite have the communication and chemistry needed earlier. But now we’re putting the pieces back together, making the plays and executing our game plan. I had eight receptions and two TDs last game. On the 39-yarder, they jumped offsides, and it turned into a free play for us, so my job was to get open downfield. Aaron threw a nice ball. He put it right there where either I was going to catch it or nobody was. We’ve got to continue to take care of business, and stack success upon success.

After the game, Ma Cobb tweeted: “Cannot describe how proud I am of @rcobb18”. They’re all pretty excited for me. I come from a small town, Alcoa, Tennessee, and not many people ever leave there. Through my family’s help I was fortunate to go to college at Kentucky, play football and now have this great NFL opportunity.

My family made a lot of sacrifices for me. My dad used to travel 45 minutes every day for baseball practice, and I played on the travel team so we were traveling every weekend. They did a lot for me as far as athletics go, which helped keep me away from the streets and a lot of things that the people I grew up with did. I’m very fortunate to have my family in my life. And now I have a little bit of a platform back home to try and inspire all the kids that they too can do big things.

Sure seems like an MVP mom to us!

I love gadgets. I can’t leave home without my iPhone 5. I use it for texting and apps like Twitter, Instagram, playing different games, using the iDo Notepad (for ideas and plans), Pandora… so many different apps, it’s like a buffet! Speaking of, I use Yelp to find new restaurants in Green Bay.

I got the latest iPad 3 and play a lot of games like Temple Run, Stage and even Solitaire. I also use it to control my home entertainment system. I’ve got a movie theater set-up upstairs at my place with a projector screen and four really cool seats. Whenever I have movie nights, I sell tickets! Just kidding! But it’s great to watch movies on. I don’t get the chance to check out too much TV, but I’m still hooked on X Factor!

My special gadget is the Zeo Pro+ Sleep Management System, which tracks the quality of your sleep through a lightweight headband and then gives you advice on how to improve it, like adjusting room temperature, doing breathing exercises. Rest is really important. Now for a future gadget, how about an autopilot function in cars, like they have on jets, so I could just sleep while my car drives itself? One of these days, maybe!

Dude had two touchdowns last weekend. Don’t question his methods.

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie