How’re you doing, people? Let’s talk football, on the field and on the screen.

It’s our bye week, so I got out of town and I’m blogging from Alcoa, my hometown. I came home to vote and I snuck in, not telling a lot of people. I just picked up my sister from school, and also went in and surprised my old principal. I’m just going to enjoy this week off, try to rest and recover. I am going to work out a couple days but mostly try to get my body back as healthy as I can.

Madden 13 allows for helicopter hits and more of what you see in the real game. But I don’t think my player model looks like me. Do you guys think so?

We’ve played 9 games, you pick up niggles, and your body aches a little bit, comes with the territory. You may not feel the pain as much during the game but you definitely feel it the next day. Even Coach Mike McCarthy told us to just get away from the game, rest up. It’s a long season but we got a bye at the perfect time (6-3) because we got a lot of guys injured and we want them back healthy.

Earlier this season we weren’t converting third downs, weren’t moving the sticks, weren’t executing our game plan. Now we’ve picked up in all areas and are getting the job done. Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s #2 ranked passer, but his influence is much bigger. He’s a born leader. Not only what he does on the field but what he does without saying anything. Little things, like if he sees trash on the ground in the locker room, or if someone left their plate on the table in the cafeteria, he’s going to pick it up—some people would just walk by it—leading by example. He’s such a professional, a very good communicator, who’s quick to correct us and help us out. I think he thrives on the pressure of being a top quarterback. I’ve always been taught that diamonds are made from pressure, yet pressure can also crush things like glass. When pressure is on him, he becomes like a diamond, he gets the job done.

As for my play, my high school principal told me to keep it up and keep scoring, because he had me benched early in the season in his fantasy league. He began starting me recently and now he’s moving up! With 500 receiving yards under my belt, it would be a nice goal to accomplish 1,000 yards receiving while still contributing on kick returns. But if we’re not in the playoffs, then it just doesn’t mean too much.

Our blogger scored two TDs last weekend. But could he replicate this grab on Madden 13?

Now, let’s talk Madden 13. I’m not a huge gamer, but I can talk trash and act like I know what I’m doing. I mean, I can pick the right plays on offense and read the defense. But I struggle a little bit playing defense. The game has great clear graphics. They have the actual helmets that we use, the visors, the cleats, and they put so much into it that it looks more authentic. Even the way the players move in the game.

People are praising the new Infinity Engine, and definitely they’re getting the physics down as far as the tackling, the running styles, the types of hits, the angles the defenders are taking, there are more wideout routes, it just looks more real. Madden 13 allows for helicopter hits and more of what you see in the real game. The on-field action, generally, is more fluid.

I bet there are fans that can give me tips how to play better. I’ve played against guys who don’t play in the NFL, who’ve beaten me. Some of my Packer teammates, like linebacker Jamari Lattimore, really get into it, playing guys around the league in contests. It’s part of the attraction of the game as everyone does it.

I don’t think my player model looks like me. Do you guys think so? They haven’t updated me as far as my equipment either. I changed my helmet this year. I don’t wear wristbands anymore. I don’t think he really looks much like me. I’m much better in person!

How much you wanna bet that 10 seconds later, it was 17-3?

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—As told to Ashley Jude Collie