Season’s Greetings, people, what’s up?

What a great time of the year this is for football fans and for families. But given the tragic events recently in Connecticut, all I can say is cherish your loved ones, hold them and love them.

Everybody is beat up this time of the year, and a lot of guys are playing through injuries and pain. You’ve just got to suck it up and fight through it.

After our 2-3 start, the Packers are division champs. Given the intensity of our rivalry with our divisional opponents, let me tell you, it was special to win the division on Chicago’s home field and celebrate a tough, tough victory there.

With two more games to go, we want to finish strong. We still have a shot at the NFC’s #2 seed, and we want to get that first-round bye, so there’s so much still to play for. We may need help but we’re just going to continue playing our game.

Health-wise, it’s very important now to get back your injured players, especially people like Jordy Nelson of our receiving corps. Our great linebacker Clay Matthews came back with a bang, I think he made the first tackle of the game against the Bears and followed that with a couple of sacks. He leads by example on the field. You see what he achieves and you want to emulate it, be a playmaker and game-changer.

So, the Patriots All-Pro receiver Wes Welker reached 100 receptions again, and he also returns kicks. Season by season, it’s crazy the numbers he puts up. That’s key in this league—you’ve got to be consistently productive over several seasons. I’m told that my 2,241 total yards isn’t far off our franchise record for one season (2,250 by Ahman Green in 2003). It’s especially gratifying for me to close in on 1,000 yards in receptions—I think maybe people didn’t expect that of me in only my second year. But I’ve always been ready for the opportunity.

Bursting through a Cadillac-sized hole is easy when you’re a Mini Cooper.

Like I’ve said before, I love pressure. It’s great that a quarterback like Aaron Rodgers, who’s a potential Hall of Famer, has confidence in me. Keeping injury-free has also been big for me. I’ve been able maintain my weight and training program and stay relatively healthy throughout the season. But everybody is beat up this time of the year, and it’s hard to explain how physical this league and this game is. A lot of guys are playing through injuries and pain. You take a lot of hits, and you’ve just got to suck it up and fight through it.

Christmas has always been a time for family, close friends, and catching up for the Cobbs. It has played a big part in my life. I remember once, we’d made cookies for Santa when we were young, and we’d left them out, but we caught our dad snacking on Santa’s cookies! Too funny! This holiday, my mom and sister are coming up to spend time with me in Green Bay. We’ll whip up some Christmas soul food. I’ve got something special being delivered for my young sis, but I’ve been so busy with football it’s looking a little bare under the tree at my place right now, ha ha.

The best present I could give myself would be a Super Bowl ring come February! That’s something all my family and friends could share in, along with my teammates and the great fans in Green Bay!

My message to everyone is to enjoy the moments you share with your loved ones. You never know when something could be taken away. Cherish the time. Despite everything, we’ve still got many things to be thankful for.

Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year, everyone, and follow me on Twitter @rcobb18.

—As told to Ashley Jude Collie