So how much of a Mack Daddy is Johnny Mac?

The missing piece of the puzzle has finally been revealed as John McCain today announced the details of his 2007 tax filing. So is Big Mac on the dollar menu or is this a full Value Meal?

McCain earned less than both Hillary and Obama, but the 71-year-old Senator refused to disclose information about his wife’s earnings. Due to tax laws in his home state of Arizona, he did not have to file jointly with his spouse, Cindy McCain. Some of his rivals are speculating that this lack of full-disclosure doesn’t look good. McCain weighed in by saying he signed a prenuptial agreement before their marriage, which was before his election, therefore her income and wealth do not affect his.

It seems pretty interesting that McCain would sign a prenup with his wife, but then again she is worth a ton of money and he did go through a previous divorce. Check out the breakdown of McCain and the other candidates’ returns after the jump. Notice anything interesting?

McCain – $405, 409 in earnings for 2007

Earned Senate salary- $161,708

Earned Navy pension- $58,358

Earned Monthly Social Security income – $23,157

Earned Book royalties – $176,508

Cindy McCain- fortune valued around $100 million

Joint total earned income – $794,000

Taxable interest earned – $48

Dividends – $74

Capital gains – $0

Paid $17,700 in alimony payments to divorced wife from 30 years ago

Paid $136,572 in wages to household employees
– Caretaker of Cabin in Sedona, Ariz.
– Child care for teenage daughter
– Personal assistant for wife, Cindy

Paid $105,467 to charity

Paid $5,413 in alternative minimum tax (a levy he is trying to repeal)

Deducted $12,000 for preparing financial disclosure forms for Senate

Paid $118,460 in federal taxes

Barack and Michelle Obama – $4.2 million in earnings for 2007

Earned Senate salary- $157,102

Earned profits from 2 books – $4 million

Earned wife’s salary as hospital admin – $103,000

Earned wife’s income on board of Treehouse Foods – $29.443

Paid $240,370 to charity

Paid $277,431 in federal taxes

Hillary and Bill Clinton – $20.4 million income for 2007

Paid $2 million to charity

Earned vast majority of income from Bill’s speaking engagements

The Clintons requested a filing extension for their 2007 returns.

Why couldn’t the Clintons get their taxes in on time? I mean seriously, were they busy with other stuff? Did Chelsea have ‘a thing’ they had to go to?

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