We’re live blogging down here from Wall Street again today because of all the craziness in the markets recently. Can you feel it?!

Right after getting off the subway at Wall Street station you can cut the tension with a knife — beefed up security, tons of news trucks with their fully periscoped camera poles and tourists more confused than ever.

Judging from the signage and flags on the face of the NYSE this morning, it looks like ‘Portuguese Equities Forum’ sponsored the Opening Bell. Last time we were here it was Ecopetrol, the Colombian National Oil company. Yes, Colombia is nowhere near Portugal but is this some strange trend we’re noticing where?

I wonder if companies like having their logos everywhere on days that the market tanks epically? Does that constitute a positive marketing image? (more photos after the jump):

The fact that news trucks have permanent “reporter set ups” pointing directly at NYSE entrance means it’s going to be a big day for market news. Get ready to hear rate cut repeated a lot!

I think those satellites are beaming precious liquidity into the stock exchange, not sure though.