Dylan Ratigan, the slickest guy in a suit on CNBC who also happens to share the same name as the evil villain in Disney’s The Great Mouse Detective, made a not-so-prophetically astute observation today.

In describing how no one wants to invest in the financial markets anymore:

It’s like all the big banks decided to go out to a sushi restaurant together and then sat down and said ‘We don’t want sushi anymore’.

Yup, that pretty much sums it up right there, I guess?

I can understand how today has made some people go screwy in the head, especially those trying to keep up with and cover all the news on three fronts — bailout, Wachovia, election. But this sushi analogy has to be the worst description I’ve ever heard of the markets. Why not just say someone isn’t interested anymore? Why sushi? Why not just point at the Dow down 722 777 points and shrug your shoulders?