Tired of all those shirts with just numbers on them? You’re #87, huh? What team do you play for again? The American Eagles? Oh, yeah, you guys beat the GAP and went on to lose to the Aeropostales in three, right? Tough luck.

How about a shirt that’s different? A shirt that shows you’re not just a number or a joke. Graphic designer Stijn van der Pol’s new line of “Self-Editing T-Shirts” will make people look at you differently, but not in the Hot Topic “Please, look at me differently” kind of way. The shirts are designed with two messages: a stated one, and one that requires a little more searching by piecing together the words or letters that aren’t crossed out to say something totally different.

It’s a fresh conceptualization of the message tee, and a great way to pick up chicks once they’ve invested a little brain-power in reading your shirt. It doesn’t hurt that the shirts look good, either. You can order these and other Stijn van der Pol apparel at http://www.thisissaf.com/