Now that is it the summer you have to burn some of that vacation time you have been saving up and there is no better way than to find a date and take her on a surprise trip for two nights in Vegas during the week. Hit up or any number of other cheap flights web sites if you are not in driving distance because right now, flights to the desert are crazy cheap. As long as you can stand the extreme heat you have to endure while you travel from one air conditioned building to the next then the summer is the best time to hit Vegas. 

Not only do you get the benefit of off season prices but it is Vegas! So even if your surprise date is a bust you are still going to have fun because you are in Las Vegas. Some of the best choices for cheap hotels are the Hooters Hotel (best choice) or anything that is located off the strip. Sure, off the strip is when things get a little sketchy, but honestly you are not going to be spending much time in that hotel room when the city never stops. Unless your weekend get-away date is going really well, then you aren’t going to leave your room anyway, so you are safe either way.

In case you have never been to Vegas then the one thing to know is while you are there it feels like there are no laws and if you look over what you can actually do there, I am not sure why they even have a police force. Here is an easy equation that proves this is a great date option.

 Cheap flight+ out of season hotel = perfect date.