So get this: As many as 80 percent of women have difficulty reaching orgasm from vaginal intercourse alone, and 75 percent of women report that clitoral stimulation is necessary. But the clit isn’t just a button you can press that will always make a woman climax.

In fact, research published in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy suggests that there are no universal “sex moves that work for everyone,” and women have a “diverse set” of preferences when it comes to genital touch, location and pressure.

Because women come in different ways, we asked a bunch to share the winning sex positions that always get them home…

1. Grace, 28: “I need to be on top so I can control the speed and depth.”

2. Alyssa, 25: “Doing it doggy style hits my G-spot in the right way, but if it’s too aggressive, it can go too deep and hurt.”

3. Kelly, 24: “I’m boring. Missionary just works because everything aligns right. If we could just start with missionary, I can come and then he can do whatever he wants.”

4. Josie, 25: “I like reverse cowgirl because it hits my clit exactly right, and I can go at my own pace. It also turns me when my partners get turned on, too, and most men like the view.”

5. Sydney, 25: “I love spooning sex because it hits the G-spot and he can reach over and rub my clit and boobs, too.”

6. Maggie, 23: “I like to straddle them when we’re both sitting up. I just think it’s hot, and we can make out while we do it, which also gets me there.”

7. Alex, 26: “I like when I’m on my back, he’s kneeling in front of me and he puts my legs over his shoulders and enters me really deeply.”

8. Kendal, 25: “I need to be on top because I love when they can play with my nipples and spank me while I do my thing.”

9. Caitlin, 27: “Doggy style is always a winner for me. I think I just get so turned on by the fact that most guys get so turned on by it.”

10. Maddie, 28: “I always want to be in control first, whether that’s on top or on bottom. I just need to be able to get myself there and then let them finish how they want because it almost always takes me longer than them.”

11. Chelsea, 24: “It’s impossible for me to come unless I’m on top and they lift their hips up a little so their pelvis hits my clit. Then I can grind my way to victory.”

12. Sophie, 26: “People hate on missionary but it’s standard for a reason.”

Photo: iStock/Getty Images Plus/KatarzynaBialasiewicz