A recent survey conducted by Made Man’s parent company Break Media reveals that you, our loyal readers, aren’t the least bit affected by any of this recession business.  Just because the world economy is swirling down the tubes (backwards in Australia), that doesn’t mean you have to get off the party train to awesome town.  

We asked 1000 guys aged 18 to 34 about what they’re doing with their lives in these “tough economic times.”  Most of them kind of raised an eyebrow and said, “Why don’t you get a real job like mine at the factory, where we make hot rods that run on bacon grease that can only be driven by super models.” 

Seriously, around half of you said you hadn’t changed the amount of money you spend on “toys” like computers, laptops, and this awesome game whatsoever.  Why would you?  If anything, things have gotten cheaper in this recession.  And it’s necessary to sling a few greenbacks around to stimulate the economy back into gear and fight off all these mopey doomsayers.  

Further, over half of you aren’t worried that something like this will happen again.  And 65 percent of you said, “This isn’t the worst downturn I’ve ever seen.”  Hell, you don’t even walk uphill both ways to work anymore.  Make it rain, boys. 

When asked what you do spend time and money on, your answers were predictably awesome. Fifty-four percent of men say they’re spending more time watching TV and online looking at shockingly attractive women.  Around 60 percent are putting even more time into sports and parties.  So, pretty much, everybody is staying the same amount of rad or getting even radder.  Take that, recession.  Take it, ironically, to the bank. 

But here’s the best statistic.  You can’t make this stuff up:  A reported 69 percent of respondents report having as much or more sex since the start of the recession.  Insert stimulus package joke of your choice here.