We’ve told you about whiskey barrel floors, but if the water of life isn’t your drink of choice, then perhaps a wooden floor made out of reclaimed wine barrels is more to your taste.  Plus, it’ll help you fake it until you get a real vineyard of your own.

Fontenay Wood has created a line of flooring made entirely of reclaimed wine barrels. Dubbed the Cooperage collection, they use the head of the barrels which display the unique markings denoting the type and vintage of the wine once stored therein. They have an additiona collection called the Stave Collection which uses the side of the barrels. These once-bowed pieces still show the markings where the metal hoops contained them.

Not only is this flooring stylish, but it’s also green. After wine is fermented in barrels, the barrels are often reused a few times before, eventually, being discarded. These discarded barrels are sometimes used to distill other spirits, but are often simply thrown out. By upcycling them into flooring, you’re saving the Earth and looking good doing it. Check ’em out here and get a custom quote. Cheers.  Or, buy your own used wine barrels and make your own.