This is real. We know it looks like something from the mind of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor on “Home Improvement”, but we promise you it exists, and it is for sale to the general public.

A gas-powered portable blender, AKA the Totally Portable TailGator, is something you buy just for the looks on your friends’ faces when you pull it out. We guarantee there will be much high-fiving. You’re out in the wilderness on a weekend camping trip with the guys, and at the end of the day you’ve all had just about enough of chasing Bigfoot.

But just when everyone’s ready to throw in the towel, you bring out your 24cc 2-stroke engine blender to whip up a pitcher. If the characters in Blair Witch had this, the final shot would have been them laughing and sipping daiquiris with the witch. The blender costs $299.95, and let’s not forget gas prices these days.