You could go to Hawaii for the 7th time (no, seriously, you could. It stays awesome), or you could change things up a little bit and trek through the Himalayan hinterland in search of an ancient, mysterious Mecca purported to have untold riches of the spiritual, corporeal and monetary variety: Shambhala. You have be familiar with the city from its appearance in “Uncharted 2: Among Thieves,” “The Mummy 3: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor,” or perhaps the ancient Buddhist text, “Kalachakra Tantra.”  

Should you choose to accept this challenge, you’ll trek to the Tsaatan society – a community of high-mountain sheep hearders whose existence is widely believed to have overlapped with that of the mythical city of Shamballah. 

You may or may not uncover an ancient, secret kingdom. But, without a doubt, you’ll experience the challenging, and ultimately redeeming nomadic lifestyle of the Tsaatan people. Read below for the itinerary on this photogenic path through eastern spirituality and nature. Bonus: you’ll see reindeer.  The cost is about $5,300 per person for 11 days. 

Day 1:
Arrive in Beijing. Accommodation is at the Aman At Summer Palace.
Day 2:
Flight from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar. Overnight at Ulaan Baatar Hotel(5 star)
Day 3:
Domestic flight to Muren (2 hours)
Drive to base camp & late dinner
Day 4:
Horseback riding along the Hoogi River
Visit with nomad families.
Overnight at base camp.
Day 5:
Depart to Taiga on horseback expedition
Overnight in forest camp,
Day 6-7:
Arrive at Mingholuk Plateau (Reindeer People’s summer encampment)
Switch from horses to reindeer/explore sacred mountain
Overnight in tents near reindeer nomad’s summer camp
Day 8:
Return to base camp 
Hot baths and Massage!
Day 9:
Return to Muren by jeep
Afternoon flight to Ulaanbaatar
Overnight in Ulaanbaatar Hotel (5-star)
Day 10:
Early morning departure to airport back to Beijing.
Day 11:
Back in Beijing. Accommodation is at the Aman At Summer Palace