After looking at my Fantasy Football team I realize that Randy Moss could possibly be my worst pick of my 20 years in the league. Yes 20, but that is a different story. He is flat out terrible. Which brings me to the headline. Remember in 1999 when Yahoo and Randy Moss were incredible? They both could do no wrong and everyone wanted to own them. Every company wanted to be Yahoo and every fantasy owner want to have Moss on their team. My how things have changed, Moss is just a long haired punk and Yahoo is just an advertising company. If we flash back to 1999 we see the leader in the internet category and the leader in NFL touchdowns. They were talking about Yahoo taking over the world and Randy Moss breaking all Jerry Rice’s records. Now Google is the new beast and Yahoo is a newspaper. Moss isn’t even the best Moss in the league. That goes to Santana Moss. People that still hold Yahoo stock are bagholders and Randy Moss is just a dimebag holder.