Many people, at some point, want to live in NYC. For some, visiting for dinner, a show, and a few solicitations from crazy homeless people, is just not enough. To have a place in the city that never sleeps is a dream come true.

The only problem is, the rents are an effing nightmare. Fortunately, Daffy’s store is here to be your sugar daddy. The fashion retailer is offering an insane promotion in which consumers can enter to win a luxurious West Village apartment, normally priced at $7,000 a month. That’s seven and three zeroes. You could probably afford that if you freed up some money (AKA held up some liquor stores), but you don’t need to. By entering this Daffy’s contest, the place can be yours for just $700 a month. That’s seven and two zeroes. All you have to do is head down to the Daffy’s pop up store at One Seventh Avenue (also the location of the apartment) between July 23rd and August 14th and submit a 30-second video of why you should win. 

Five finalists will be chosen, and one finalist will be voted in by the public, on September 16th. Good news: You don’t even have to sing for Paula Abdul.