Most people only saw the new MacBook Pro. No doubt, the laptop is going to be a huge seller and provide millions in sales but another announcement to me is a huge deal. iWeb. Jobs like me is tired of us non-programmers who put out sites that look like crap. I don’t know HTML but I do know what I want it to look like. iWeb will change all that. You will be able to drag and drop from other Apple programs right into the page. Of course it caters to blog publishers as well. Apple is slowly becoming a force in software. Every new Apple computer sold becomes a new purchaser of software. Snowball effect, halo effect, I don’t care what you call it, it is going to be much bigger than most ever thought it could. One last thing. I am going to get many emails and comments about how it’s only for Mac and there are hardly any users. My answer. The amount of Mac users are growing daily, and second, Apple programmers easily can write for windows users as proved with Itunes. Now that they are on Intel, it gets that much easier. Here is a great article from CNNmoney