I made a few predictions at the beginning of this year and let’s see how I did.

10. A Steve Nash Two Handed Dunk ( Now on my EVER list, I call him little Stockton)

9. A Republican Presidential Candidate with any chance in 2008 (Ron Paul may everything you’ve ever wanted in a candidate but I have a better chance of that two handed dunk than he does even getting the nomination. Libertarian here we come)

8. Gas under $2 (WRONG, I paid $1.98 twice)

7. The Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series (Cubs teased us though)

6. Kelly Clarkson under 180 pounds (she’s lost a little weight but didn’t make it)

5. A Stock Market collapse like the summer of 2006 (I heard the collapse is coming 365 times this year though)

4. Apple under 100 for more than one week (anyone who doesn’t own some apple stock is a dumb ass and shouldn’t have any money in the stock market, easiest long term money of our generation)

3. Marilyn Manson with an album in the Top 100 (Am I good or what? He got divorced this week)

2. A Natalie Halloway free Greta Van Sustern (showed up a good 10 or 20 times)

1. A Rosie O’Donnell sex tape (Thank Goodness!)

And My New List of 10 Things You Won’t See in 2008

1. OptionsXpress under 45 by year end. They either will be bough out or become one of the stronger companies in the sector

2. Jessica Alba’s Boobs And they’re going to be pregnant boobs and huge (see Halley Berry)

3. NBC anywhere but 4th place in the ratings.

4. An American in the Top 10 in the Olympic Marathon (who cares? I just hear Ryan Hall being touted as the great American runner but we’re so far from the Africans it’s amazing

5. More than two major airline crashed in the US. Major being over 100 dead. We take our airline safety record for granted

6. Drew Peterson a free man. He might as well have guilty tattooed on his head I can see it so clearly

7. Howard dancing in one of his videos. (OK this one is a wish. I’ve suffered enough with the voice and pray I won’t be subjected to his dancing as well)

8. The Dodge Challenger at sticker price. Expect this to be one of the hottest new cars out this year.

9. Apple under $300 by end of the year. Another Apple prediction. I have never been wrong on long term apple picks but when you pick them to go up it is pretty easy

10. Boston winning the NBA championship. I just have this feeling they get upset