Somewhere deep in a closet in the house you grew up in there is an old dusty box. And in that old dusty box are a bunch of grey cartridges that once consumed your every waking thought.

These are the original Nintendo Entertainment System’s 8-bit video games from your childhood that you could never bring yourself to throw away. Why? Because you knew that one day you might just need them again. One day, they might just save your life. Well, take a deep breath and start blowing out those cartridges. That day has come.

The Retro Mini Handheld NES System lets you pop in those old games and play them all over again on a high-res, LCD screen. And if mini ain’t your thing, there are AV out cables so you can play on your billion inch flatscreen if you’d like. Slide the cartridge into the top, turn it on, and you’re instantly taken back to your childhood. The Retro Mini goes for $40.00 and can be bought here.