A retort from the brassy kingdom of dick lit to Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller “Eat, Pray, Love,” “Drink, Play,  F@#k” is a novel that follows Bob Sullivan’s quest to attain nirvana via a very much un-Zen route. 

Bob leaves behind a broken marriage to a woman he describes as “the single most self-obsessed person on planet earth. And I’m factoring Sharon Stone and Kim Jong Il into this equation.”  What does he find?  Well the fact that the book’s cover title is spelled out in beer bottle caps, poker chips, and condoms should give you a hilarious if unsubtle hint.

Bob travels away from his once-boring and now-shattered home, and he goes to the places he and (he thinks) every man has always wanted to.  He goes to Ireland and stands naked under a mighty, nutty waterfall of Guiness.  He goes to Vegas, bets big, and loses bigger.  He goes to Bangcock and penetrates the secrets of some of the most decadent Earthly pleasure available. 

What he finds in these places and in himself is a motley amalgamation of, frankly, a lot of the same things Gilbert finds.  But you know what they say, it’s all about the journey not the destination.  Bob Sullivan would heartily agree with that (and would not hesitate to point out his journey was a great deal more fun than Gilbert’s). Author Andrew Gottlieb’s comedic riposte can be had on Amazong for about $10.  [Buy it]