DSLR cameras (the gigantic ones) take phenomenal pictures, but they’re so impractical to take anywhere worth taking pictures (like a bullfight or a bar).  Well, not anymore. 

Olympus has developed a concept camera using a Micro Four Thirds system.  The Four Thirds is in reference to their already-existing line of Four Thirds digital cameras.  However, in this line, they’ve removed a mirror and pentaprism in order to dramatically reduce the size of both the camera and the interchangeable lens. 

The result is what looks like a compact, point-and-shoot digital camera with a miniaturized, interchangeable zoom lens like you might see on its bigger brother cameras.  This new hybrid camera is intended to breach the gap between the pro and prosumers that buy the fancy, large cameras and the sorority girls that buy the small, pink, point and shoots. 

If it works out, Olympus stands to make 10 bajillion dollars, and the pictures we take of each other in the MadeMan office when we forget to zip our flies are going to be brought to you in stunning clarity and contrast.