Could a pair of boxer briefs possibly be worth $100? That’s what we found ourselves wondering when we heard about RevolutionWear’s new FRIGO No. 1 Underwear. As the spiel goes, Swedish scientists designed these performance undies to stay dry and feel great, yet still have plenty of support for intense athletic activities.

As you can see from the diagrams, there are a ton of high-tech ingredients, but as this writer is wearing them right now, let me break it down for you: the biggest difference between these fancy pants and your Jockeys is that, no kidding, there’s an adjustable pouch on the inside for your family jewels. The pouch lifts and, um, separates them for your thighs, almost like a below-the-waist sports bra for men, to reduce friction and facilitate easier movement.

We thought it was a little overboard, too. But we tried them out during a long bike ride, a soccer match and chilling post-game at a sports bar, and we’ve gotta say: they’re pretty much the most comfortable yet supportive undies we have ever donned. They’re super soft and breathable, and even during heavy activity, you won’t feel the need to adjust yourself. Now, is that worth $100? If you’ve been searching for more accommodating briefs your entire life, it just might be. Get ’em at