We all know Revver if only because it hosts our beloved Lindsay, I mean Wallstrip. It seems that things aren’t going quite as well as they had hoped. Two of the three founders, Ian Clark and Oliver Luckett, have been outed and they are taking some staff with them. Steven Starr remains and he has been bolstered by some outside talent. I won’t bore you with who they are but I will give my two cents on what is happening. We are all here to make money and Revver is struggling to make money. They are hoping that bringing in the fresh talent that they be able to turn the corner and actually make some inroads against YouTube. You would have to ask Howard but I don’t believe the sharing of the revenue thing makes a difference. It sounds like a great idea but I have yet to hear of anyone getting any decent amount of money. LisaNova would have made money if anyone could and she took a deal with TheDailyReel instead. One thing I do agree with is the fact that if you are going to make some changes, it is now or never. Video sharing is a highly competitive business. On the surface paying people to post videos sounds like a great idea. The problem is they don’t have very many advertisers so nobody makes any money. The other thing that the posters crave is fame and attention. YouTube is the place for this not Revver. There isn’t one video that is posted on Revver that isn’t on YouTube so what’s the point. Unfortunately I see Revver failing and whoever the VCs who are behind it are going to have to eat their money. This is unless they have that “tipping point” moment where someone comes up with that one creative idea ( and quickly) that will make people pay attention. Like Diggs first big article on Paris Hiltons hacked phone. This article was posted when Digg was young. It got them indexed to the top of “Paris Hilton Phone Hack” on Google and drove millions to their site. The rest is history. Hopefully the new talent will makes some changes or Revver will be history as well.