Update. They have moved the premier back until April. I think TLC is missing out by not pushing this show more than it is, which is not at all.

One of my favorite shows on television in 2006 was “Flip This House” with Richard Davis and Trademark Properties on A&E. For one season, Richard, Ginger, and the crew purchased homes, fixed them up, and sold them for a profit. The key to the success of the show was Richard and his semi-cocky but likable “good old boy” attitude as the boss, combined with a nice looking assistant named Ginger that always seemed to be wearing an tight pair of blue jeans and a low cut shirt. The show did what every person dreams of doing, taking a house and flipping it in a few weeks and making a killing on it as well as working with a cute assistant all day. The show was an instant hit and we all couldn’t wait for season two.

Unfortunately there was no season two. Why? That was everyone’s question. When season two came there was no signs of Trademark or Richard. A&E decided to replace them with some worthless wanna-bes out of Texas that had no appeal at all. It turns out that A&E flat out hijacked the show and stole it away from Davis with no legal recourse at all. What is unbelievable is the fact that Davis filmed the pilot, shopped it to A&E, and ended up doing 13 shows. A contract was never signed. Why Davis and Trademark Properties never signed a contract with A&E is still a mystery but a fact none the less. Wait it gets better. A & E never paid Davis a penny for the 13 shows. Yes, those same shows I watched all weekend and that A&E are selling commercials for, are stolen from Trademark Properties. They figured since they never signed a contract that they own them and can do whatever they want with them. Tradmark in return has sued A&E and post everything publicly regarding the lawsuit. Here is a bit more about what happened.

Fortunately for all the fans of the original “Flip This House”, Davis has signed, yes signed, a new contract for a show on TLC called “The Real Deal“. Starting Saturday, March 10th at 9 o’clock eastern, the crew gets back to buying, fixing up, and flipping properties. Ginger looks as good as ever, and Richard still has that southern fraternity boy look despite the obvious increase in wealth. Team Trademark will put all the chicken littles calling for the end of the housing market to shame by flipping more houses than ever and have a good time doing it. Also coming to TLC, is my new show about the daily lives of a 5th generation nursery family and the trials and tribulations of a father and son trying to continue the family business. Ok, that has happened yet but I’ll be emailing Richard soon to get him to sponsor me.