Rip Curl South Africa is the first company to ever launch a power heated wetsuit for extremely cold, winter surfing conditions. Tested by World Championship Tour Surfer, Mick Fanning, this wet suit is (wait for it…) one hot little number, and it’s called the Rip Curl H-Bomb

So, you might be a little apprehensive about jumping in the ocean with a bunch of electronics strapped securely to your body. This is understandable. But you’re actually relatively safe in the H-Bomb wetsuit. It uses 2, 7.4 volt lithium ion batteries that recharge in about 3 hours. The batteries feed current into a network of “free-flowing” carbon fibers extending throughout the torso. These fibers are flexible, so they don’t hamper movement in the suit, but they do conduct electricity keeping you nice and toasty not frozen stiff. Raddest wet suit ever

Unfortunately for anybody that’s not an Aussie, the H-Bomb is currently only available at Rip Curl dealers down under for $1,500. But who’s to say you don’t give one of them a ring on the telly and have ‘em pop one over the pond.