Touted as a private jet on wheels, the Ford Transit Skyliner Concept represents the potential future of road travel.  The luxury cruiser, showcased at the 2014 New York International Auto Show, was designed by Ford in collaboration with Galpin Auto Sports, an extension of the company credited with starting the conversion van trend in the ’60s. Currently, the concept is only intended to highlight how the Skyliner can be personalized, but we’ve identified 10 things that’ll have you dreaming about it for your next getaway.

1. Touch and Go
No shortage on technology here. The entire interior of the Transit Skyliner Concept from seat configurations to LED mood lighting can be controlled through a smartphone or tablet.

Ford Motor Co. Debuts The Skyliner Transit Concept Vehicle

2. Enjoy a Flick
What better way to catch up on all those Game of Thrones episodes than on the road? The Transit concept brings that idea to life in a much bigger way than most vehicles with a 52-inch retractable Stewart video screen.

3. No Mistaking Her
In 2014, the idea of a custom van requires a more contemporary look than those from the sixties and seventies. Ford and Galpin deliver on that idea with a custom silver metallic paint scheme, chrome highlights and custom Forgiato wheels.


4. Relaxation Station
With 487 cubic feet of cargo volume and an interior height of 81.5 inches, there’s no shortage of space.  The extra cargo room has been used to add seats that recline with retractable footrests for additional comfort.

5. Gadgets Galore
In addition to the 52-inch movie screen and custom audio system, the concept features a KVH DIRECTV satellite for HDTV and a Kaleidescape media server with storage space equivalent to more than 300 Blu-ray movies or more than 1,000 DVDs.


6. No Need for a Cooler
Whether tailgating or on a family outing, cold beverages are a staple for any road trip. The Skyliner concept accommodates that need with its own built-in wet bar.

7. LL Will Envy You
When it comes to that “boomin’ system” LL Cool J rapped about in his nineties hit, few rides can match those of the Transit Skyliner Concept. The van is equipped with a Focal Utopia 7.2 surround sound system with speakers handmade in France. 


8. Arrive in Style
What’s a luxury ride with accompanying luggage? The luxury van comes with carry-ons that match the vehicle’s one-of-a-kind leather-trimmed seats.

9. Converts to a Meeting Room
If you need to discuss a few business strategies when traveling, you can. The Transit concept features a motorized table that unfolds for face-to-face conversations as well.


10. Cheap to Roll
Regardless of your status, the cost of gas can damper the mood of any road trip. The Transit Skyliner eases those worries some with Ford’s fuel-efficient 3.5-liter EcoBoost engine. Sadly, security thwarted our attempt to drive it right off the show floor.

Can’t get enough? More behind-the-scenes action in the video below…