An impromptu inventory of your garden and lawn tools might consist of the following:

Lawnmower. Edger. Rake. Leaf blower. Snow blower. Snow shovel. Maybe some kind of mulching or fertilization device.

But soon, it might look more like this:

The Kobi.

That would be the new all-in-one lawn-care robot that wants to handle your yardwork, autonomously, because it cares about your free time. The first batch has sold out, but more are coming soon, so sign up via the website to get notified when the time comes. And then have $4,000 on hand to buy it.

Once you’ve got a Kobi for yourself, you can employ it to clear your driveway of snow this winter. Cut the grass next spring. Pick up all your leaves next fall. And a host of other helpful outdoor chores you’d rather not do yourself.

Because this smart robot acts like a Roomba for your lawn. All you have to do is set the outside perimeter of your yard and choose when it starts and stops via the app. (Of course there’s an app. There’s always an app.) Then it will get to work mowing, mulching, clearing leaves or snow—whatever the season dictates—all without you having to lift a finger or remove yourself from the couch. After all, no one wants to pick up leaves or shovel snow during football season. Except Kobi. It definitely wants to do that.

Because it’s a people pleaser. And apparently not much of a sports fan.