Jay-Z, in the footsteps of hip hop moguls Dr. Dre and P. Diddy, is coming out with his own line of high-performance headphones in partnership with stylized headphone slingers, Skullcandy. And, where Dr. Dre’s headphones are no-nonsense, these got style.

The are, in fact, fashioned after old-school aviator headphones. Here’s what Jay-Z says about his new phones, “Our passion is creating amazing music. We’re dedicated to delivering the best in live performances. Now with the Roc Nation / Skullcandy partnership, we’re offering the best way for people to experience the soundtrack of their lives."

They’re "optics inspired," and feature neodymium magnets, a 40mm full-range mylar drivers as well as a tangle-free nylon cord with in-line mic.  They’re available in brown, white and black for $150 from Skullcandy.