Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana (TAM) is a private Mexican company that specializes in hydrogen peroxide rockets. But here’s the good news for us, now they’re offering discount rocket belt specials including training and fuel.

TAM was featured on Wired.com recently with their plans for a rocketman personal helicopter. Which seems like an interesting idea, but what caught my eye was their half price drop in Rocket Belt technology. From what I can understand, rocket belts are a ‘real life version’ of sci-fi jetpacks, powered by hydrogen peroxide fueled rocket thrusters.

Last year the very same services of a custom-built rocket belt, housing, training, a machine to make an unlimited supply of rocket fuel, and 24/7 maintenance cost a whopping $250,000 as reported and mocked in various blogs.

It appears that with all the personal helicopter enthusiasm, the desire for rocket belts is waning. The company is hoping a 50% discount will help potential sales, making rocket belts modestly priced at a new low price of $125,000.

According to TAM’s website, these rocket belts will earn back the initial $125k investment in no time flat because of the high demand for rocket belt performances at:

“special events, promotions, advertising, elections campaigns, concerts, movies, TV commercials etc.”

Rocket belts may be exactly the thing that these Democratic presidential campaigns need to secure the party’s nomination. However, and I feel I need to stress this point, there are many alarming warnings for this product on TAM’s poorly translated English site:

* Important:

Be aware of people that offer plans, parts or a rocket belt that has not flown and tested because you could be killed.

The Rocket Belt is NOT a machine that you can make and fly easily, if someone offers to you plans or parts to make a “cheap” Rocket Belt ask for a demonstration and see an actual flight, don’t be the test pilot of a deadly machine.

I wouldn’t take these warnings lightly. Additionally, videos from TAM’s website of the test pilot’s first flight raise some serious questions. Are rocket belts real or just a load of crap? If they are real, why does it appear that the ‘pilots’ are being hoisted and lowered by a rope attached to a metal pole?

Either way, $125,000 is a great deal for the unlimited rocket fuel making machine alone. If that is also real.

(Rocket Belts from Tecnologia Aeroespacial Mexicana – $125,000)