Forty years ago, Rocky premiered in New York City, with a nationwide release two weeks later. Much like its hero, the film itself was an underdog that surpassed all expectations.

Made for just $1.1 million, it raked in $225 million at the box office, won three Oscars (including Best Picture), lifted writer/star Sylvester Stallone straight to the top of the Hollywood heap—and inspired millions with its never give up ethos.

But you probably already knew all that, so we decided to celebrate this anniversary a slightly different way. We asked Noah Douglas Neiman, co-founder of New York City’s Rumble Boxing, to break down the climax of the film, the epic fight with Apollo (Carl Weathers). The Pennsylvania native and Eat the Bear spokesman was kind enough to do a full commentary for us, and we did our best to edit it into something fun and educational. Check it out below.