Each year, Neiman Marcus announces their Fantasy Gifts, a collection of pricey but often quite spectacular items that would look especially nice beneath your tree.

And this year, the real showstopper of the bunch is the Cobalt Valkyrie-X Private Plane, a gorgeous four-person plane in rose gold. Because anyone can have a private plane, or something rose gold (like an iPhone), but who’s got one that’s also the other? Maybe you, if you’ve got $1.5 million to spend.

Inspired by classic fighter planes and built in California by aerospace engineer David Loury, this thing is packing 350 horsepower and can reach speeds of 230 miles per hour, making it one of the fastest piston aircrafts in the world. Factor in the 1,150 mile range, and you can pilot yourself to a host of destinations without stopping for fuel.

Inside that rose gold exterior you’ll find more rose gold—the flight controls. Plus hand-stitched leather seats (those are cream) and plenty of storage space for golf clubs, skis, suitcases full of caviar or whatever else it is that private plane owners like to bring with them on their journeys. And for personal entertainment on the flight itself, just look straight ahead or to either side, as the large glass canopy offers majestic views of whatever you’re flying over.

So try to fly over something majestic.