Let’s face it. Every guy in the world wants to be the Cool Dad. Nobody pictures themselves becoming the sweatpants/worn-New-Balance-sneakers/Russel-athletic-tank-top-wearing father, but it’s hard.

For some of you, this might seem to be a problem for the distant future, around the same time our sun burns out. But a lot of you are probably going through this very dilemma right now or soon will be. Here’s a little help: The Rubicon Rucksack by (don’t judge a book by its cover; or a company by its incredibly effeminate name) Petunia Pickle Bottom. Still with us? Good. Fancying itself as the foremost in “baby chic”, the good people at Petunia Pickle Bottom have fashioned a bag for fathers, shown here in a manly brown buffalo leather (also available in black), that is a lot better than carrying a package of Huggies on your side. In it, you can fit all your dad equipment: diapers, bottles or juice boxes, stuff to take care of those nasty boo boos, and even some Leather Valet stroller clips. But, when it’s time to just be you, aka Baby is nowhere in sight or shouting distance, the bag doubles as a laptop carrier, with a place for your cell-phone, as well as tons of other storage. So whether you’re going to work, a dinner date, or a play date, you’re all set with this slung over your shoulder. You can check it out here.